Happy New Years!

Recently I’ve decided to start a blog about what interests me most — interior design and architecture. I want to share what I know with the rest of the world about architecture and design. I also hope to learn new things. It seems as if I’ve started this blog just in time for the new year.

I live in the city of Saint Louis. I am lucky to be interning at a well-known architectural design firm downtown in the middle of the city with views of the arch. Today it is snowing and I kept taking so many pictures that it was inspiring me to do a post on the architecture of my own city.

The gateway arch was designed by Eero Saarinen and was constructed between 1963 and 1965. It is as tall as it is wide, and it is an inverted catenary arch. People mistake it as a catenary arch and even a parabola, but a catenary arch hangs upside down like a perfect chain. The arch stands, so it is an inverted catenary arch.

There was a lot of discussion when the arch was being built because the neighborhoods in that area had to be cleared for construction. A lot of these neighborhoods and buildings were also historic so naturally a lot of people didn’t want to tear them down. By clearing the land, people and families were also being displaced. I have had the opportunity to intern for a historic preservation office as well, so I am aware of the importance of historic preservation of buildings and neighborhoods. I, however, believe that this was a good trade off. We had to tear down some historical buildings, but look what we got in return — something even greater.

These are my views of the city from the office. It was snowing so heavily you can barely even see the arch except for the base. It almost looks like fog. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!


7 responses to “Happy New Years!

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing, I love reading about where people love too. I have called Exploring our new neighborhood if you’d like to see where I live ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I read your post and I think it’s very interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the graffiti in your neighborhood, it’s quite different than it is here. I’ve been to Italy and even the graffiti there is different, but I love graffiti no matter what kind it is or where it is. We have a graffiti wall in Saint Louis that is famous and I plan to write a post on it some day in the future.

      I also read that you are studying Interior Design. It always interests me because I’m studying interior design here in the U.S. and I like to see how it’s similar/different in other countries. When I was in Europe I learned that interior design didn’t really exist, it was mostly just interior architecture — especially in Italy because the buildings are so old, they don’t tear them down and they don’t build many new ones, so they just keep renovating the interiors. I know in France there are design firms, and there are firms in Germany as well. What are the classes there like? What kinds of classes do you have to take?

  2. Hi! I think in all honesty you would find Design firms and businesses world wide, but as you say, would take on different roles due to what the location or country required. Im finding the focus with Design firms here in Australia, in particular Melbourne, where I live, is they are providing a more diverse and varied range of services. Not just Interior Design advice, but architectural services, Events, Styling, Branding and even some Graphic Design and Branding development. I really think this is the way the Design Industry is heading – a more hands on approach with a finger in every pie as they say!
    What CAD and 3D programme are you learning? – we have been shown Archicad which I am loving. I also am very interested in colour psychology and theory. We have major projects each semester which involves a Client Brief and the entire re design and development of the space – finally producing presentation boards and samples. You can see my latest example of work in my post A TILE LOVE AFFAIR. Great to chat, Im hoping to one day head to the USA to work, I thankful to be a dual citizen of Australian and America, so its a lot easier than trying for a green card! :0)

    • The design services here are already pretty diverse as you described them. Most firms have a graphic designer or larger firms have a graphic design team. The firm I work at does.

      The school I go to focuses mostly on commercial interiors and we also learn how to brand and do some graphic design.

      We learn a whole bunch of different programs. AutoCAD 2013, Revit Architecture 2013, and Trimble Sketchup, and Adobe Creative Suite are the main ones. We never learned Archicad. Then if you want you can take an extra class and learn extra programs that no one uses. I learned Artlantis, which is a compliment to Trimble Sketchup and I also learned V-ray. I know a lot of people in the industry here use 3d studio max, but we don’t learn that, and I heard it’s really hard to learn.

      I saw your post and looked at your boards. It looks good and it’s similar to what we do here. I like the renderings. At my school we do more digital/virtual boards and only put the images of materials on, but at the firm I work at we do boards with actual materials on them that would look similar to that.

      It sounds like what we are learning is pretty similar.

  3. I see you can use Artlantis as a plugin for Archicad, I think thats what is called, if not very similar name – I need to look in to that. I also want to look at Sketch Up, seems quite straight forward after learning Archicad. Archicad is wonderful, you can do 3D renderings and walk throughs on top of all the usual Drafting work.

    Adobe CS is a must. I learnt that as I worked as Gaphic Designer at IKEA for 4 years, so that definitely came in handy. I am doing a 1 year intensive course, seeing I have already been to University and gained a degree in Industrial Design, so hence why we aren’t learning as much as you, but its still loads of work, 5 subjects, 5 lots of homework and assignments.

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