Who Said White Was Boring?

I’ve always had an obsession with white rooms. There’s just something about them — it’s almost like you can find a peace of mind in a white room. Some people say white is boring, or some people say it gets dirty easily (it can depending on material and application), so they refrain from white. I, however, am encouraging the use of white and I even hope to have a white room myself one day. White rooms are very enchanting and they don’t have to be boring. They can be exciting.

Reasons To Use White In Your Interior

White is very reflective so it bounces light around more than other colors. It helps to open up a room and bring in daylight. There is a natural human need for daylight, yet as Americans, we spend 90% or more of our time indoors. “Light can impact human circadian systems and that the light intensities and spectra needed to activate the circadian system are different from those needed to activate the visual system. Lack of bright light exposure during the day may result in disruption of the circadian system and lead to feelings of depression, poor sleep quality, lethargy, and even illness.” (Figueiro, Rea, Stevens)


Kelly Behun is an interior designer in New York that designs fabulous white rooms.

I love this room in particular, mostly because of the tree branch hanging from the ceiling. I have used something similar in one of my designs in the past. I also love the tree branch end table. Both of these items add a lot of texture and allude to nature, although this room is in the middle of a big city. I also love that the windows have no treatments, encompassing the landscape of the city. The view is artwork all on its own. This is a prime example that white rooms don’t have to be boring — they are able to have just as much flare and personality with the right items.

Imagine waking up in that room every morning. The thing that is successful about this room is the texture. The rug and the blanket are similar yet different in their textures and bring visual interest.

This is another living room/dining room. I love the light fixtures in this one, because they give a very young and fun personality to the room. The sofa and the dining chairs are modern-contemporary, and the plants add just a touch of color.

Interested, but still worried about the success of white?

Potential Successful White Rooms


Kitchens are easy because of their material properties. Things like porcelain/ceramic tile, natural stone, laminate, acrylic, and stainless steel are often found in kitchens and are stain resistant and easy to clean.



You are not typically eating in your bedroom, and your kids and dog aren’t typically hanging out in there either. If they are then you need to kick them out. (I love the monster hanging from the ceiling in this one)



Bathrooms are easy to clean because of the materials used in bathrooms (porcelain tile, glass, etc) so you don’t have to worry about stains.

What do you think of white rooms?

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One response to “Who Said White Was Boring?

  1. Remember the cool thing about white too is you can narrow down your choices (as there are soooo many shades and tints of white) by choosing cool or warm white! Great post 🙂 I’m a fan of white kitchens!

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