Kick Back and Relax

I figured after the stress of the holidays and traveling, people just want to kick back and relax for a while — I know I sure do! It’s winter and it’s cold so it’s hard to find motivation to do anything. I feel this is the time of year when people don’t really do much, besides veg out and surf the internet for ideas/potential plans/things for the spring and summer. I put together this inspiration board that I feel is a very relaxing environment, which is much needed after the holidays, and also a good inspiration for future spring/summer project ideas.



I decided to collage this into a semi-realistic rendering. These are all photographs, photoshopped, and I think I did a good job making it appear pretty realistic!

I wish I could talk about everything, but I’m only going to talk about the most unique pieces that I chose for this


Scando Table

Eric Pfeiffer 2005, Molded Plywood

I love this table. We all know Charles Eames was famous for the molded plywood chair, but this is a molded plywood table and it is awesome! Plywood is a very sturdy material. I live in the midwest where tornadoes happen on a regular basis, and they often will make tornado shelters in homes out of plywood because of its strength. This table is strong enough that your kids can even stand and sit on it (they show pictures of it on the website, not kidding!) so it is kid friendly. The table was actually designed based on research of children and how they interact and relate to the floor. Even though it was designed based on children, I still think it has a very clean design, and I think the space on the end is a very interesting way to store books and magazines. It is modern-contemporary and will add a young playful touch to a sophisticated room.


White and Silver 

Premium Brazillian Metallic Cowhide

This doesn’t have to be ‘premium brazillian’ since I’m sure cows are on every continent and you can get cowhides just about anywhere. I’m also sure if you look hard enough you can find metallic cowhides anywhere. I live in Missouri with prime farmland so I know these cowhides are everywhere around here. I was at a show house a couple of months ago when I saw a metallic cow hide similar to this and I fell in love. It’s too bad I’m broke or I would’ve bought it. I think that it is something very unexpected in a room, and I think that it is something that can give a room unique character. I’m always looking for ways to give my spaces character and to make them stand out from the rest.


Emerald Ocean

Wimberly Glass Works

I’m a sucker for glass art. I really think the greens/yellows and cooler blues in this one piece of glass pull together the cool tones of the gray and green in the light fixture and the throw pillow. It is also a really unique piece that isn’t found so easily in many places. Each piece of glass art is unique in its own as well, since they hand made and no one piece is exactly alike.


Mini Mikado-S

Migeul Herranz, LZF

LZF is one of my favorite lighting companies and I think it is obvious why. They  are making light fixtures out of raw veneer. Raw veneer is very flexible material, and the designers at LZF have figured out ways to make very intricate and interesting light fixtures that are sure to catch the eye. If the metallic cowhide isn’t catching someones eye in this room, then the light fixture certainly is.

The best thing about this room/inspiration board?

It’s perfectly suitable for any guy or for any girl. It also goes well with red wine, white wine, or even a beer. So kick back and relax — or at least try. 🙂


4 responses to “Kick Back and Relax

  1. I love your photo renderings, you said you used Photoshop to bring the pictures a more realistic appeal – did you work on the shading and lighting within Photoshop to do so? As Sustainability, Moral responsibility and Green is the now the go, an important suggestion when sourcing cow-hides is to see if they are indeed farmed and produced under strict guidelines. I would much prefer the use of a hide to be used as a by-product from the meat trade, not just have animals farmed and killed purely for their hides and fur.

    • I did not do any lighting in photoshop although I could have. It is simply a photo collage, and I thought it looked pretty good without me adding anything more to it.

      I know that here in the U.S. it is not economically feasible to spend all that money raising and feeding a cow just for its hide. Typically the cowhides are a byproduct from the meat trade and they sell the hides to make leather shoes, rugs, etc. There are also laws here in the U.S. governing that the animals be slaughtered in a humane way. I didn’t think sustainability was an issue here, especially since the beef trade is so big, and cows are not an endangered species. I’m not sure that here you can even trace where the hides came from. I know you can trace meat, but I highly doubt you could trace the hides unless you bought it directly from a farmer or at a farm.

      Some people might not be a fan of the cowhide rug because it does come from an animal but everyone has their own preference. I’m sure you could even find a synthetic one if you are vegan. Personally, I like it, and I think that’s what gives the space texture and originality. I also think it alludes to a time before us, when they did actually use hides for rugs and fur for blankets. For me its the underlying meaning of the hide that brings out character in the space.

  2. Your rendering looks great! I love all of the pieces and how they came together for a suite look. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. May we both have happy decorating 🙂

  3. Oh cool I thought you must have done something to the Images in photoshop, you just chose all the right ones! 🙂

    Yeah it is an interesting topic to talk about, everyone has an opinion on Cow hides and their use. For me it’s up there with having animal heads on the wall and owning fur coats – it’s not for me, but its not to say I would never consider using a hide if I could know it came from a sustainable and ethical source, just like leather and other animal products. Great topic!

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