Green House

I think vegetated roofs are one of the coolest things to exist. Vegetated roofs help with a number of things, including stormwater management and reduction, acoustical performance, reduced heat island effect, and increased energy efficiency. Vegetative roofs can come in all different sizes, shapes, and forms. They are more typically seen on commercial buildings, but I’ve come across a residential project that has a vegetative roof that I am absolutely captivated by. It is The Meera House in Singapore by Guz Architects.







Since this is in a very tropical area and theres no shade on the roof, I think it might be some kind of low-maintenance grass. I’ve looked into grass roofs and moss roofs for past projects. Grass has to be low maintenance and thrive under the conditions it is in, and moss usually has to be in a shaded acidic area but either one is very doable.

Vegetative roofs are also a good way to maximize a space that would otherwise not be utilized. It could also satisfy an open-space requirement in a dense urban area, if you’re looking to gain LEED points.


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