I’ve been gone for a while, but that’s because school has started back up and I’m already busy. Right now we’re working on a Law Firm, and it is due next week so I hope to post the pictures when I’m finished. Then they’re shipping us off to the Kimaball Headquarters in Indiana for 3 days, so hopefully I will have pictures from that too.

Right now I’ve just been crushing on a few things that I thought have good color and texture. I hope to use them in my projects soon, maybe even my law firm. šŸ™‚



Edelman Leather

I like this grungy look, and the gold with the teal behind it.



Edelman Leather (left) + Designtex Wallcovering (right)


I’m so obsessed with this complimentary color scheme. A lot of people think red and green and immediately associate it with Christmas, but I think this is the perfect combination of yellow green and red orange and it is not Christmasy at all. This was an accident on my desk at work when these two materials landed on top of one another, and I was so mesmerized how beautiful they were together. I also like the two textures together. I’m a fan of linear patterns. The picture really doesn’t do it justice… it’s way better in person.


Anyway… that’s it for now. Hope you all enjoyed these materials as much as I do!


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