Kimball Trip

I wanted to post sooner, but with the Kimball trip coming up and deadlines happening I just couldn’t do it.

Every year around this time, Maryville University takes the junior class to Kimball in Jasper, Indiana for 3 days to tour Kimball’s showroom, Kimball Headquarters, Kimball manufacturing facilities, and the list goes on. This is an excellent opportunity that not many students in BFA or BS Interior Design programs usually get to participate in so I am thankful for my experience.

I didn’t really know what to expect out of the entire trip. ¬†Before Kimball, I didn’t really use their furniture products because I didn’t really know them that well and their website is pretty horrible and I’m sure a lot of you can probably relate to that. Needless to say, the trip turned out to be a lot better than what I was expecting, and Kimball exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Kimball is an amazing company that makes top notch quality furniture, and they are a company who truly cares about their customers and employees.


This is the showroom that we entered on our first day. Their showroom was literally our house for 3 days and I was amazed at Kimball’s hospitality. Every day at every hour they had countertops stocked up with ice, soda, coffee, tea, snacks, you name it. Everywhere I turned there was food, and it was a good thing because they kept us more than busy.


We had dinner in their showroom the first night and it was amazing. They were very accommodating to everyones dietary needs and the table settings were beautiful. We also played games after dinner in the showroom and you can see below we were trying to win a competition.


The second day we toured their manufacturing facilities and learned a lot about how they make their furniture and the quality they put into it. They take extra steps to make sure every piece of furniture gets to their customer correctly without any flaws. We learned about the extra steps they take to keep their facilities clean and their employees safe. Employee turnover rate at Kimball is extremely low because employees are generally happy there, and even though Kimball is a huge company, everyone there is treated just like a family member. To me, that is extremely important because if the employees feel like they are important and their work is recognized, they take greater care in making the furniture and it has a better chance of coming out right.


That would be us having fun touring their manufacturing facilities. Our tour guides were great.

Employee recognition, low turnover rates, and the furniture coming out correctly is not the only thing that makes Kimball furniture top quality. The way they cut and piece their furniture together, the stains and the top coats and the way they can protect from vandalism and damage is mind blowing. Their furniture is definitely made to stand the test of time, and they kept saying that when people replace their furniture it’s not because it gets worn out but because they are simply tired of looking at it. I believe it.


This is all of us at the Kimball Headquarters. I’m at the very top in the back.

At the end of the day, they took us to the Schnitzelbank Restaurant where I successfully over ate and over drank especially since it is my birthday this weekend.



We were wild if you couldn’t tell from the picture.

Overall… the trip was great. Kimball welcomed us and treated us as if we were a part of their family, and in the future I will keep them in mind when looking for quality furniture. Below are some of my favorite pieces of furniture from the trip.


Fit Chair

Formway/ Kimball Office

Hum. Minds At Work.






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