Chinese Restaurant Design

I have been so busy with school and I’m so glad I only have another month before summer break because I’m starting to go crazy! My last project was a restaurant/lounge (connected to a hotel ) located in China. The basis of the project was to learn more about other cultures and accommodate their needs. It was a group project and I worked with one of my good friends on it, so that made it a little easier. I feel that our design was able to go farther than the other designs in our class because we’re both easy going and collaborative. I’m not going to post our plans since they are vector images but I will show the renderings.



A dramatic merging of nature and Chinese runway fashion. Each is mysterious and ever changing.


Our location is at Lake Kanas in Altay Perfecture, Xinjiang China. It is a remote location with a nature reserve and indigenous people. The lake is blue and constantly changing colors. Below is a panorama.


You might ask, how did we decide on such a remote location for a high end restaurant/lounge. Well since it is connected to a hotel, we wanted to make it more of a resort where people can stay and enjoy themselves.



A lot of our inspiration for the space came from Chinese runway fashion. We noticed they liked a lot of organic curvy shapes, and they also appreciated texture. This seemed to work well with our natural location at Lake Kanas.




Main Entry/Bar

maindining room3

Dining Room



outdoor lounge2

Outdoor Lounge

A lot of students probably say they want to do hospitality design the most. Hospitality design is fun, and often times they can lead to bigger projects with bigger budgets like casinos and resorts. I think hospitality is my calling though. A lot of other students may say they want to do hospitality, but my question is, will they be good at it? I think in order to do hospitality you have to have a very open mind to be able to create something really unique and breath taking for the client. That’s just my opinion.




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