Hotel The Gray / Milan Luxury Boutique Hotel

Since I have an interest in hospitality design, I’ve decided to make this blog dedicated specifically to travel and hospitality design. I love traveling around the world myself, and there’s nothing better than staying at a unique and beautiful place. I want to help people find the unique beautiful places they’re looking for so that they can maximize their experience. Big name hotels can be nice, and you will always know what to expect at them because they are the same around the world, but that’s just it — they’re all the same. I think when you travel to a new place, you should stay at a hotel that’s just as unique as the place you’re visiting. I feel like people stay at these generic hotels because they’re not really sure what else is out there and I want to help people find what they’re really looking for.

Hotel The Gray is a boutique hotel located in Milan, Italy. If you’re headed to Milan this summer, definitely check this hotel out. Prices start at around $300 dollars for a room and can go up, and they have excellent reviews on trip advisor. I was able to tour this hotel myself last summer and let me just say, if I’m ever back in Milan, I will be staying here.

Lobby/Roof Terrace/Dining

Hotel The Gray - SINA Fine Italian Hotels

Hotel The Gray - SINA Fine Italian Hotels2

The Gray







I think that Hotel Gray has a very sophisticated use of color, which reminds me a lot of Milan itself because Milan is a sophisticated city filled with sophisticated people. I’m also in love with the custom silverware lighting pendant in the dining area. I love anything custom that brings unique character to a space. I like the floating stairs in the room, and I’m in love with the step stone leading into the tub. I think that was a unique solution rather than including a tiled built-in step which a lot of bathrooms usually have.

If you’re just interested in the design and not traveling or not looking for hotels this summer, don’t worry. I will be creating a post later on how to recreate this look in your own house.

Hotel The Gray on Trip Advisor


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