Hostal La Buena Vida / Boutique Hostel

Last week I wrote about a boutique hotel in Milan that was pretty pricey. Most boutique hotels are pretty pricey, and knowing not everyone including myself has that kind of budget, I decided to write about something more budget-friendly. I chose Hostal La Buena Vida in Mexico City, Mexico. This is probably one of the coolest hostels I’ve seen. I haven’t been here, but I would like to go here, and the price is definitely right.


I think the outside facade speaks for the place itself. It’s architecturally fun and eclectic, which is attractive for a young crowd of people who like to have a lot of fun.








I’m loving the wall graphics that are everywhere. Architecturally, wall graphics are a cheap way to liven up a space. I think this was smart of them to do because that way they were able to spend more money elsewhere, like on the contemporary above-vanity sinks and faucets that give the space that higher-quality edge. I also am loving the bright saturated colors. Often times I feel designers pick these muted colors and a place can get dull quickly. The bright colors liven the place up and creates a comfortable place for people who like to have fun. The hostel looks a lot nicer than some hotels I’ve been in, and their beds look like a pretty decent size compared to what is usually at a hostel.

If you are heading to Mexico City this summer, be sure to check this place out — it looks cool! The minimum amount of beds you can have in a room is 4, and I think the price per person a night is $24. Not bad!

What do you guys think of the space?

Hostal La Buena Vida


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